Naturally gluten free & bottled unfiltered

Re:Find Vodka is crafted from premium California wine-grapes that are grown, fermented, distilled, and bottled unfiltered in Paso Robles' wine country. We believe in transparency in our distilling practices and the authenticity of the ingredients distilled. In doing so, what was once a conversation about how many times a spirit is distilled and filtered is now a discussion about the quality of both the ingredients and fermentation, and what each brings to the final spirit. Re:Find Vodka has layers of complexity showcasing a rose petal characteristic with a textural weight and lingering finish.

"Genius in a bottle." - Sunset Magazine



Naturally gluten free & bottled unfiltered

Re:Find Distillery uses our meticulously clean vodka as the base for our gin. We embrace our 25+ years experience as vintners which gave us the expertise to carefully layer in a proprietary blend of seven botanicals to craft our memorable gin. We acheive the flavor by first steeping and then vapor-passing the botanicals through the still giving us a clean, natural flavoring. The natural viscosity of the wine-grape base provides a textural weight and lingering finish. Our blend of juniper, lemon/orange peels, lavender, grains of paradise, coriander, and orris root is beautifully layered on the palate and has a delightfully floral aromatic note.

"... This herb garden in a bottle [is] amazingly alluring." - Tasting Panel Magazine • Publisher's Picks



Naturally Gluten Free & bottled unfiltered

Release Date: April

Re:Find Distillery hand zests 10,000 pounds of Femminello St. Teresa lemons, the traditional lemon used for limoncello, grown by California family farmers. The zesting takes 20 people 3-4 days to complete. We then soak the zest in our meticulously clean, high proof vodka for 3-4 months. When all of the oils and aromatic qualities are pulled out of the zest, we remove the zest from the vodka and slowly add a simple syrup, to taste. This results in an ideal balance of fresh lemon flavor, alcohol, and sweetness. Bottling with out the use of carbon filtration results in a vibrancy that is unparalled.

"One of the purest limoncellos..." - The Holiday Wine Cellar



Naturally Gluten Free

Release Date: July

Re:Find Distillery is batch distilling an all-natural, vibrantly flavored Cucumber Vodka using seasonally ripe organic cucumbers grown by family farmers in Arroyo Grande, California. Each week, throughout the season, we receive ripe cucumbers the day they are harvested. We juice them the very same day, then add the juice to the final distillation of our meticulously clean Re;Find Vodka. Bottling without the use of carbon filtration results in a vibrancy that is unparalleled.

"... The cucumber flavor is so forward it is like you're smelling a cucumber, getting a massage, and sipping a cocktail all at once." - LA Times



Naturally Gluten Free & bottled unfiltered

Release Date: November

Re:Find Distillery's Kumquat Liqueur is crafted from ripe California kumquats that we soak whole in our meticulously clean, high proof vodka. After a few months, we remove the kumquats from the vodka which results in a flavored vodka, press the kumquats, and redistill the pressed portion. Finally, we blend the distilled juice with the flavored vodka, lower the alcohol, and sweeten to taste. Bottling without the use of carbon filtration results in a vibrancy that is unparalled.

"The Kumquat Liqueur flavor is crazy-real..." - Steve's Wine Cellar


Re:Find Barrel Finished Vodka [e]RE:FIND [e] VODKA FINISHED IN BARREL

Bottled unfiltered

Our unique barrel finished vodka was derived from the desire to re:use our rye whiskey barrels while producing a wine-grape based spirit brimming with whiskey notes. The base of this unique spirit is our meticulously clean Re:Find Vodka. We finish the vodka in a combination of 10 and 15 gallon new and used American oak whiskey barrels resulting in a unique vodka with a distinctive character that drinks like a smooth whiskey. Staying consistent with our sustainable roots, the [e] gives us a great re:use of our used whiskey barrels before passing them along to craft brewers.

"It's an oak-forward bottling that's remarkably whisky-like, with lots of caramel and spice." - Wine Enthusiast



Bottled unfiltered

Re:Find Distillery is committed to crafting our whiskey locally from start to finish. We collaborate with artisanal California craft brewers to obtain a non-hopped wort from a proprietary mash bill consisting of rye, wheat, and barley. We then ferment, distill, age, and bottle the whiskey at our distillery in Paso Robles, California. It is aged for 12-36 months in 10 or 15 gallon barrels giving us total control over the flavor profile which results in a memorable, well-balanced whiskey.

"It's a rare find, but if you're able to get your hands on a bottle... you won't be disappointed." - The Whiskey Wash



A California Whiskey

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