Re:Find Limoncello

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40% Alc 80 Proof

Seasonally Fresh. Locally Grown. Vibrantly Flavored.
We work with a California family farm to receive our lemons at the height of ripeness.  We then hand-zest the lemons and soak the pith-free peels in our high proof neutral brandy.  We then make sure we get the perfect balance of vibrant lemon, alcohol, and sugar.  Hurry to get your bottle as we never import lemons, so once lemons are out of season, we stop making Limoncello!

Recipes: Summer Days


We can only ship within the state of California,
Nevada and Washington DC.

If you would like Re:Find spirits shipped to you and live out-of-state, these retailers may be able to help you:

Third Base Market & Spirits

Alchemy Bottle Shop

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